Basic Biotechnology and Molecular Tools for Improvement of African Food Crops
A total of 25 course participants from 19 African countries are working on specific and important crop in their home countries to address the specific objectives of the RAF5076-003 Program for Improving Crops Using Mutation Induction and Biotechnology through Farmer Participation Approach (AFRA), supported by FAO/IAEA from Vienna Austria.

The training covers:
• Application of biotechnology and mutation inductions in crop improvement – tissue culture techniques for production of double haploids by anther culture techniques to fix mutants varieties.

• Media preparations and utilization of plant tissue culture techniques in plant breeding and screening

• Handling mutant populations and Phenotyping

• Molecular genotyping of mutant populations

• Gene discovery and molecular breeding for biotic and abiotic stresses in crops

• Hands- on practical tools in molecular techniques for crop improvements

• Molecular markers development and utilization

• Isolation and characterization of genes involved in mutagenesis

• Primer designing, generating molecular data for breeding scheme

The centre in conjunction with the Horticulture laboratories are the host facilities for this training.

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